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Traffic stats taken from & Mark Bishop' Primary YouTube Channel

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Income images belong to Mark Bishop & derived from free traffic Rank

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From: Mark Bishop
A Personal Note: How I Started...

I started my internet marketing career as a niche marketer in 2010… and if I'm honest, I was terrible at everything (I'm still terrible at tech stuff)… But, only one thing really mattered back then...

My business model was simple…

  • Find an offer. Set up a niche specific blog
  • Do a little SEO, write a few articles and Boom…

Within a week or two I’d be sat at the top of google for all kinds of niche phrases… the Free traffic rolled in daily, and I made a lot of passive income…


I made so much money from the FREE traffic that I was able to...Quit my day job as a Plumber


It's Probably Because - You Don’t Have Enough Targeted Traffic

It doesn’t matter what you do online, it doesn't matter what your business model is, or how great your website or offer is. The simple fact is… without targeted traffic You WILL Fail

That was the ONE thing that mattered in 2010…

...And it’s the same today…
The only difference is: How you rank at the top of Google?

Feedback taken from


Video Is By Far The Easiest and Fastest Route To Page 1 Of Google… It’s a fact - wanna know why?

It’s Simple: Google Own YouTube!

And This Combination Gives You a HUGE ADVANTAGE Over Every Other Website Out There… Especially When You Know How Google Ranks Specific Phrases

Google Ranking Equation Cracked

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Now You Can Use The...


Unlock Google & YouTubes Ranking Algorithm

There’s a secret… Google & YouTube Phrase Specific Ranking Algorithm

You’ve seen them right?

YouTube Videos all over the top of Google for pretty much any phrase you search for…

This is NOT a coincidence…

And when you know which phrase to target and which factors to use for specific phrases… You are Virtually Guaranteed a spot on Google page 1... Especially as VS Evolution now includes multi-platform syndication.

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Step 2

Trending & Low Competition

VSE instantly reveals trending, breakout and low competition phrases based on user defined time periods, online search and GEO location.

VSE incorporates a Simple Traffic Light System to Show You Exactly Where to Focus

Choose One Of The ‘Green’ Phrases From The List of Keywords That VSE Suggests… Remember: Green Means Easy!

EXAMPLE: In this example we entered the broad ‘High Competition’ phrase ‘Diet’ with a time period of the last 30 days, using a web search.

The software lists trending keywords for that period (30 days) along with long tail related phrases and most importantly the competition score (in this case the competitiveness is 10 and green)...

This combination indicates that this phrase is currently popular and trending (5000% growth in the last 30 days) and also has low competition.

Step 4

Your Videos

Plug your existing videos into VS Evolution... (simply use the data VSE reveals), or use new videos.

Turn a Website Link into a Unique Video...

Use VSE to create targeted videos in minutes from other peoples sales pages - simply drop in the page URL to make your video. VSE includes 2 video makers (at no additional cost)

See website link to video App details below.

Check Out This Demo Video

In order to rank in minutes we recommend you choose a green phrase and extract the phrase ranking data. The whole process takes minutes from start to finish.


Are you ready to start driving FREE traffic to your offers today?

I’m sure you are… But don’t decide yet!

Why? Because being able to hit the top of Google and YouTube in any niche, and drive traffic to any page or offer you like is only half the story... See below


Ranking videos with VSE is child's play…

  • You can rank any video in any niche you like.
  • It will take you literally minutes to achieve.
  • Those videos will drive traffic to wherever you want…
  • You control everything… It’s easy, it’s fast and it won’t cost you a cent.

VSE Works in ANY Niche (Not Just Internet Marketing)


There is one glaringly obvious problem… You Need Videos

I know many of you reading this page right now may well have ton of videos ready to go…

Use Your Old Videos

For example: you could re-upload all those videos you made in the past… the ones that never ranked, never drove any traffic and never made you a dime… Upload them for the correct phases, and with the correct ranking factors for those phrases, and watch them rank in minutes.


  • What if You Don’t Have Any Videos?
  • What If You Don’t Have Time To Make More Videos?

So We Built In a Unique Solution - See Below

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Turn Any WebPage Into Video

All You Need Is A Website URL… Works With Any Website

We know you’re probably not an SEO Ninja… and we’re sure you have better things to do, than spend all day making videos.

So we built in a Unique Solution
You can now... Turn Any Webpage Into a Video In Minutes


All You Need Is A Website URL…

Step 2

Selection Tool

Use the selection tool to select the areas of the website you wish to use. Selection tool can be dragged & resized over any part of any website.

Crop and turn selected areas into video slides.

Step 4

Direct Upload

VideoSumo connects with your YouTube Account.

So once you have made your video you can upload directly to YouTube along with the correct ranking factors from inside your dashboard…

VideoSumo connects to YouTube legally using an authorised API.

Check Out The VSE Video Wizard Demo

You can produce 10 new videos every month with VSE - There are NO recurring payments... You pay just once and your usage is reset every month.


Get VS Evolution Now & Rank on Google In The Next 60 Minutes

VS Evolution is 100% Newbie Friendly.


  • Full Access to VSE: SaaS (Web Based) Software
  • Keyword suggestions from any seed phrase entered
  • Instantly Discover Trending and Breakout Phrases with 5000% Growth in Chosen Time Period
  • 100 Research Queries per Month (no additional / recurring costs)
  • Traffic Light Style Competition Scoring & Results
  • Extract keyword specific ranking factors
  • Automatic Competition Data Analysis
  • Direct Video Upload to Multiple Platforms
  • Direct WordPress Blog Integration
  • Video & PDF Tutorials
  • Multi-Platform Syndication for additional Traffic & Exposure
  • YouTube & Vimeo API Integration
  • Video Wizard – Turn Webpages into Video
  • 10 Videos (build and upload videos) per Month (no additional / recurring costs)
  • Video Wizard – Build Videos from Royalty Free Video Clips and Images
  • Video Wizard – Add / Record Video Narration
  • Video Wizard – Included Royalty Free MP3 Music Loops
  • Video Wizard – Elements… Intros, Outros & Text overlay
  • Video Wizard – Upload and Use Your Own Images

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Why You Probably Need VSE

  • You probably don’t have enough traffic to your offers right now do you?
  • Free Traffic - Ranking at the top of Google & YouTube opens the flood gates to highly targeted search traffic.
  • More traffic to your offers or services, means more money in your pocket.
  • Although VSE is a powerful tool… we made it stupidly simple to use.
  • Dominate Evergreen Niche Markets with just a few clicks
  • You simply can’t get this wrong (unless you’re colour blind)
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • With VSE… you can be ranked on Google inside 60 Minutes from Now…
  • Easy - Nothing else correlates everything for you, and then shows you which phrases are trending and which to target with a simple to understand traffic light display…
  • Turn sales pages into videos and rank quickly for product launches – Launch jacking
  • You can even re-upload those old videos that failed to rank the first time around – rank them on page 1 with the correct data in minutes
  • You don’t need websites, domains, hosting or anything else & ranking at the top of Google & YouTube won’t cost you another cent.
  • Try it TODAY - It's Guaranteed!

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Doing The Same Thing

You have 2 options right now.... and it's time to figure out what fits your lifestyle best.

Keep Doing The Same Thing?

Keep up the Status quo, invest in the “NEW” slick loophole and wonder why it's not working for you… Get a PHD in Computer Science so you can master the next wave of even more complicated software.


Do Something That Works

Or you could start ranking videos on page 1 of Google today... and drive traffic to any website or offer you link. You can even drive traffic straight to your affiliate links if you want to...

It's pretty simple really;

1. Rank on Page 1 of Google.

2. Drive search based traffic from the videos you rank.

3. Make Money


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By purchasing this product you agree to receiving: product updates, support & marketing emails from Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana & Pradnyesh Niwaskaror our companies IKKONIK LTD, Innovativez digital group & Onlighten Media. Your data will not be shared with any third parties & you may opt-out at any time in accordance with GDPR (Europe 2018) & CAN SPAM acts - the law also states that you must unsubscribe & not complain as this can damage our business.


  • Q.Are there any monthly charges?

    A.No… If you purchase today you will pay one price which will grant you ongoing access to VSE. You will not be charged again.

  • Q.Can I really rank on Google in minutes?

    A.Yes – VSE correlates and uses data from Google and YouTube to extract the correct ranking factors for the suggested phrases… Providing you select a suggested phrase and the corresponding data you will be able to rank on Google (usually within minutes)

  • Q.Can I use old videos?

    A.Yes – you can use videos which you may have made in the past (which failed to rank or make you money)… Use VSE to find the best related phrases – extract the correct ranking data and re-upload.

  • Q.Can I use VSE research module as a standalone App?

    A.Yes –VSE comprises of two modules: Research & Video – Maker… You can use either module as a standalone App. Research data can be extracted and downloaded as a CSV with 1 click.

  • Q.Do you have tutorials?

    A.Yes we do… Inside VSE you will find video and PDF tutorials which detail how to use the software.

  • Q.Can I really make money with this?

    A.The simple answer is yes you can… but as with anything relating to business you will have to include a little effort. You will have to use the software to rank your videos so you can drive traffic to your offers. If you use it – apply a little effort, you will reap the rewards.

  • Q.Is this another Loophole?

    A.Absolutely not… loopholes and quick fixes come and go on a monthly basis, and when they get closed down (which they do) you will have wasted time and probably money. VSE is a real a tool you can continue to use in your business…

  • Q.I’m on a tight budget… will it work for me?

    A.There are no additional costs required to rank your videos on Google and YouTube to drive free traffic. You do not need domains, hosting or anything else.

  • Q.Is it really easy to use?

    A.Yes! VSE is 100% Newbie Friendly… Designed to be very simple to navigate and use. Our traffic light competition display makes choosing a phrase in any niche child’s play.

  • Q.Does VSE violate any YouTube / Vimeo TOS?

    A.No… VSE connects to YouTube & Vimeo through public API… Your API is set within software settings. Connecting VSE with your YouTube & Vimeo account is 100% within YouTube & Vimeo TOS.

  • Q.What if I experience a problem?

    A.We have dedicated technical support on hand 6 days per week. Support is easily accessible from inside your VSE dashboard.

100% Money Back Guarantee

VSE is 100% guaranteed. If you use the software and follow the phrase suggestions and do not rank on Google. We will offer help and advice on how to get VSE working for you. In the event that we are unable to help you we will refund your payment.

*Please Note: VSE software is IPN linked to your payment… Refunding will cancel access immediately*